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RED INTO GREEN encompasses a wide array of functionalities to streamline your work, allowing you to effectively support organizations through comprehensive reports and records.

GDPR module

Explore the various components of the GDPR module, each designed to enhance your understanding and management of GDPR requirements.

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Record of Processing Activities Learn more
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General Risk Assessment Learn more
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Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) Learn more
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Register of the Categories of Processing Learn more
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Record of Authorizations Learn more
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Legitimate Interest Assessment Learn more
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Record of Data Processing Agreements / Record of Joint Controller Agreements Learn more
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Repository of Documents / Repository of DAPR Documents Learn more
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Record of Incidents and Breaches Learn more
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Record of Data Subjects Exercising Their Rights Learn more
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Record of Making Personal Data Available Learn more
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DPO Journal Learn more
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CYBER module

Delve into the cyber module, offering a comprehensive suite of functionalities tailored to bolster your cybersecurity efforts.

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Organization Mapping System Dowiedz się więcej
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Automated Information Security Risk Assessment Dowiedz się więcej
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Register of Contracts with Suppliers
Supplier Evaluation
Register of Incidents and Notifications to CERT
Extensive Help System
Document Repository
Automated Activities

RED INTO GREEN: Simplifying Your Workload

RED INTO GREEN is engineered to make your job easier and reduce your GDPR workload to the necessary minimum. Its intelligent features include:

Intelligent Completion Create links among various categories of objects to fully automate the input of technical and organizational security measures.
Automated Services Automatically handle processors, categories of processing, joint controllers, and their links, as well as safeguards applied in data transfer outside the EEA.
Drill-Down Analysis Automatically generate clear and readable reports showing processes, resources, and threats, enabling detailed analysis.
Automated Archiving System marks significant changes for authorization as out-of-date.
Automated Links Create multilevel links to automate work processes.
Automated Impact Assessment Automatically check the necessity for a data protection impact assessment.
Backup Copies Internal data backup system for collected data within the app.
Control Over the Record of Categories Ensure the record of processing activities is always up to date.
Synchronized and Automated GDPR and Cybersecurity Risk Management Estimate risks across GDPR, information security, and business continuity domains within one analysis.
Installation and Tools

Components and hardware requirements

Discover the components and hardware requirements for installing and utilizing the app effectively. The app is compatible with popular web browsers..

RIG is developed using reliable components with manufacturer support.


Frequently asked questions
with answers

  • How can RED INTO GREEN support my organization?

    • The app gives you bird’s eye view of the processes within an organization.
    • All the records are compatible, interlinked and kept in one place. 
    • The app makes use of extensive reports on the organization’s data security status.
    • Thanks to the app you can be sure that all the processes related to personal data processing are under control.
    • With the app your team’s work is more convenient and efficient, your organization becomes free from paper and Excel forms and your resources get tidy.
    • Automation and work division – all the possible risk combinations are automatically generated, which reduces the risk of human error. Thanks to work division, domain-specific data is completed by specialists: data on IT resources including safeguards is completed by a dedicated employee and HR data by a member of HR staff. This makes the work quicker and raises the quality of the data entered.

  • How can RED INTO GREEN methodics support the Data Protection Officer?

    • DPO can see the risk analysis results in the form of transparent reports.
    • High degree of work automation (the system lets you save many hours of work while at the same time raising the quality of the conducted analysis).
    • DPO works in the environment which resembles Excel.
    • Data can be entered by many people.
    • Logical and transparent methodics of carrying out GDPR-related risk analysis, including risk assessment and impact assessment (DPIA).
    • Intuitive use of records of processing activities functionally connected with risk analysis.
    • Reports which enable prioritising tasks assigned to relevant positions including the Data Protection Officer.
    • Legal grounds explained for every module of the application.
  • Why does the app look like Excel?

    Excel is a natural work environment for most Data Protection Officers. That is why our app uses similar solutions enriched with the options offered by the web environment. Having the app based on Excel also makes exporting and importing data easier. Organizations collect their data mostly in Excel files. Similarity to Excel allows for intuitive use of the app without having to learn the interface. You can just sit down and work.

  • What is the learning process a user has to go through to learn how to use the app?

    After the app is implemented, relevant departments of the organization will be trained to use the tool. RED INTO GREEN includes a help system and each feature is explained so that you will know what to do and what the next step is.

  • What are the benefits of RIG reports? Are the records themselves not enough?

    Good question! The records and other modules needed for GDPR compliance would surely be enough but… Since you made so much effort and used the time of a dozen people to collect data on the processess and activities within an organization, then… You actually have complete data on IT infrastructure, technical safeguards, and many other valuable information. Why not use it in a more productive way? You can offer decision makers aggregated data, use them to improve your organization and to support its growth.  Sometimes, it can save you from a mistake related, for example, to the absence of a simple safeguard. Perhaps you can enhance one of the processes. All the necessary data are in the reports. All you need to do is to go through them or think about the next report that would be useful for your organization. We will prepare it for you.

  • How can RIG make the Data Protection Officer’s job easier?

    To make the job easier and to allow non-GDPR professionals do most of the work, at every stage of working with the app we use a system of prompts advising on why the activity is carried out – what regulations are complied with, how to perform an activity correctly. We want the app to make the lives of DPOs easier by making it possible for specialists from the organization’s relevant departments to enter the data required for risk analysis.

  • How many users within an organization can use one licence?

    The licence is not be limited to the number of users in the organization. You can give access to an unlimited number of users within an organization. When more professionals feed the app with current data, risk analyses and other records become better, more up-to-date and ready for an unexpected inspection from the supervisory authority.

  • What are the benefits of the Enterprise package?

    With the Enterprise package you can install the software on your organization’s server. This solution makes it possible to meet our clients’ organizational needs in terms of data security and to integrate the tool with the entire IT infrastructure.

  • What is the minimum licence period? 

    The minimum licence period is 1 month / 1 year.

  • How long does it take to implement the app?

    Within one week of signing the contract the client can have a fully operational RIG app to work with.

    D+0 – signing the contract, identifying system users

    D+1 – launching a new instance, configuring user accounts (actual time will depend on the engagement of the client’s IT department; statistically less than 4h is needed)

    D+2/D+3– user training (1-2 days)

    D+3/D+4  – the client can begin to work with the app with ongoing technical and knowledge support provided by DAPR  

  • Is the data collected in the app safe?

    Our app is focused around the security and confidentiality of personal data, which also applies to the information stored in it. Out of a wide range of solutions and security measures offered by RED INTO GREEN the following are worth mentioning:

    • User group – with a variety of authorisations
    • Policies on complexity and validity of passwords
    • Automatic log-off after a specific idle period
    • Available only through a secure HTTPS protocol
    • Regular backups at the app server level independently of individual instances
    • Backup functionality on request – available to authorized users
    • Logging information about user activity including logins and operations performed