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Who is RIG for?

RED INTO GREEN (RIG) is an app designed for anyone seeking to achieve and maintain GDPR compliance efficiently, appropriately, and lawfully, benefiting their organization.

  • The app serves as a comprehensive risk analysis tool, enabling users to gather information about processes, including personal data processing activities, IT, human, and organizational resources. Utilizing the system, users can present information about risks across their organization in a clear and transparent manner.
  • The tool is designed to support the work of the Data Protection Officer and individuals responsible for risk assessment and the development of risk management plans.
  • These revisions aim to enhance the clarity and coherence of the content.

makes your job easier

Ready dictionaries The app utilizes dictionaries eliminating the need for manual value entry. Once employed, suggested values will streamline subsequent record-keeping.
Universal Accessibility Accessible via web browsers, the app can be utilized without the necessity of installation, ensuring convenience and flexibility.
Comprehensive Insights Reports offer valuable insights into organizational processes, resources, and potential threats to data security, empowering informed decision-making.
User-Friendly Interface Boasting an intuitive interface akin to Excel, the app ensures ease of use, with the added functionality of file export to Excel for seamless operations.
Promoting Collaboration Facilitating teamwork, the app encourages collaborative efforts, fostering synergy within the organization.
Intuitive Design The app features a logical and ergonomic design for its modules and components, enhancing user experience and operational efficiency.

Enhancing Efficiency with Practical Functionality

At the core of RED INTO GREEN lies a myriad of functionalities designed to optimize your workflow, empowering you to seamlessly aid organizations through comprehensive reporting and record-keeping.

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Discover Authentic Testimonials

Explore firsthand experiences from clients who have utilized the app.

The app has met all of our expectations; it is a handy and intuitive tool. One of its most desirable features is its ease of use. Red Into Green’s greatest strength and advantage is the risk analysis methodology (…) which stems from the guidelines of the European Data Protection Board and recognised international information security standards (ISO 27001 and 27005), but, above all, from the guidelines set out by the Polish Personal Data Protection Office and the rulings of the Polish courts, which has helped us during audits and inspections. Very good communication with the company’s representatives during the implementation and adaptation of Red Into Green deserves a special mention. We have nothing but praise for the quality of our communication.

Grzegorz Świszcz Exatel
Head of Business Security

The app features a record of personal data processing activities and a record of the categories of processing activities, which make it easier to decide on and carry out a DPIA. It lets you generate and update data processing authorisations, and keep a record of people who are authorised to process data. The app is not only a tool but also a knowledge base. It includes an Annex with many comments which provide plenty of information making it easier for you to start using it.

The tool allows you to brush up your knowledge about the processes in an organization, and ensures compliance with the accountability principle set out in the GDPR.

The team of experts employed by DAPR sp. z o. o. supported us not only during the implementation of the tool in our organization, but also provided comprehensive training for our staff on how to use the app, and continued to support and consult with the tasks carried out using the app.

Urszula Obara PEKAO LEASING Sp. z o. o.
Head of Legal and Compliance

Thanks to RED INTO GREEN’s RGDPR Module, we are able to conduct a comprehensive risk assessment of the effects that data processing may have on the rights and freedoms of data subjects. At the same time, the GDPR Module of the application has enabled us to carry out a number of other required processes, such as keeping a register of personal data processing activities, a register of categories. The implementation of the GDPR Module in our organization took place in a highly professional manner, which is why we recommend the RED INTO GREEN application by DAPR sp. Z o.o. .

Xawery Konarski, attorney Traple Konarski Podrecki & Wspólnicy

We bought the app which allows us to carry out GDPR risk analysis in a comprehensive and structured way. The methodology of GDPR risk analysis proposed by DAPR’s experts, combined with the automation of processes resulting from the app’s features, has significantly increased the effectiveness of our operations.

During the entire trial period and now when using the app, we have been able to count on continuous and professional assistance from DAPR’s experts.

Maciej Michalczyk Carrefour Polska sp. z o.o
Data Protection Officer

Comprehensible, clear and very reasonable methodology of conducting GDPR risk analysis persuaded us to choose this offer. In addition, DAPR complements the analysis process with its own solution, the REDINTOGREEN app, which was key from our point of view. As a result, we got the final report from GDPR risk analysis, including the DPIA, and we can continue the process of GDPR risk management in our organization on our own, carrying out specific contingency plans. We think that the product was delivered in an appropriate and timely manner within the agreed cost limits.

Paweł Dytry Polski Standard Płatności/BLIK
Data Protection Officer / attorney-at-law

Redintogreen enables conducting a comprehensive risk analysis in a structured way, and has increased the effectiveness of our work by automating necessary processes. We are convinced about the proposed methodology. During the entire Redintogreen implementation period we could count on professional support of DAPR’s staff. We have no hesitation in recommending DAPR as a reliable partner worthy of cooperation.

Luiza Fortuńdka-Mazor, attorney-at-law Napollo
Head of Legal

The REDINTOGREEN app uses DAPR’s own method of comprehensive risk analysis which we value a lot. The company provided us with full support in terms of the app installation and the analysis preparation methodology itself. Thanks to REDINTOGREEN we managed to carry out a structured risk assessment for processes combined with a DPIA and a compliant update.

It is with full responsibility that we can recommend DAPR as a reliable partner and the REDINTOGREEN app as an effective tool for conducting risk analysis.

Katarzyna Studzińska Colliers
Compliance Manager

Subscription plans


For organizations that want to keep their own records.

230 EUR 2300 EUR

For organizations that want to use our templates “for a good start” by minimizing time.

330 EUR 3300 EUR

exemplary completed register of activities, register of categories and risk analysis.


For organizations that want to comprehensively manage CYBER and GDPR risks in accordance with “the risk based approach” methodology.

1200 EUR 12000 EUR

new connection, resource, security and vulnerability mapping module. Automation of cybersecurity risk assessment. Security risk assessment. Preparation of security risk management plans.


For capital groups and everyone with special requirements.

Ask about price. Ask about price.

On premises. Dedicated training.

Following your purchase we will configure your account for you. Configuration is carried out on weekdays and may take up to 24 hours. During that time you will be contacted by a consultant who will enable your access and provide you with further instructions.

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    RED INTO GREEN provides a reliable foundation for the information security management system within an organization. The app tidies up, automates and supports processes related to personal data processing.

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