Red Into Green

Projekt współfinansowany
ze Środków Unii Europejskiej

Operational Program Intelligent Development 2014-2020, Priority Axis II Support for the environment and potential of enterprises leading to B+R+I Activity 2.3 Pro-innovative services for enterprises.

Sub-measure 2.3.1 “Pro-innovative IOB services for SMEs”.

“Support for IOB in the development and implementation of an innovative service related to the comprehensive adaptation of enterprises to the Requirements of RODO”.

Project Objective: Implementation of an innovative product by the company REDintoGREEN Sp. z o.o., thanks to the advice of an Accredited Business Environment Support Institution.

Implementation of the service: the provision of a service by REDintoGREEN company to assist clients who cannot afford the dedicated services of law firms, but are subject to the RODO Act, in the process of risk analysis, support in keeping and maintaining the register of personal data processing, Privacy Impact Assessment of data processing (commonly known as “PIA” from Privacy Impact Assesment), authorizations for personal data processing.

European Funds contribution: 398,650.00 pln

DAPR sp. z o.o. is implementing the project titled “DAPR” on the basis of the Support Agreement concluded on August 20, 2021 with Tech-Impact Fund Sp. z o.o., based in Krakow, Tech-Impact Fund Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością ASI Sp. k. based in Kraków, and the National Research and Development Center based in Warsaw, co-financed with funds from the European Union as part of the Operational Program Intelligent Development 2014-2020, Measure 1.3: B+R works financed with capital funds, Sub-measure 1.3.1: Support for R&D Projects in the Preseed Phase by Proof of Concept Funds – Bridge Alpha. The aim of the project is to strive for the development of a method that will allow to analyze risks both in the sphere of cyber security and for the protection of personal data in a synchronized manner, and at the same time meet international standards and European regulatory requirements, and then try to implement it in a dedicated IT system and validate it in operational conditions.

Planned results: Task 1: Development of risk analysis assumptions for synchronized areas of personal data protection and cyber security based on the author’s DAPR methodology and Development of a demonstration version of the platform for the DAPR methodology in synchronized areas of personal data protection and cyber security and Development of a production version of the system using the DAPR methodology in the areas of personal data protection and cyber security available within the platform.

Project value: PLN 1,100,000.

Amount of project funding from the EU: 880,000 PLN